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The E visa - Treaty Countries

The E Visa is usually called an investor visa.  The E visa  allows nationals from certain treaty countries to live in the United States to invest in a new or existing business  or to carry out substantial trade between the United States and a treaty country.  The E visa  may be renewed every 2 years for an unlimited number of renewals.  Although the E visa may be renewed indefinitely as long as the business or trade in the United States is ongoing, the E visa  requires that you maintain a permanent residence abroad in a foreign country and that you have the intention to depart upon termination of your E visa status.  Our immigration lawyer will explain the criteria to make the most of this visa.  If you wish to seek permanent residence, you may consider the L-1 visa or we can discuss with you indirect ways to apply for permanent residence after the E visa. 

E1 Visa - Foreign Trader

  The E1 Treaty Trader visa allows a national of certain Treaty Countries (See List Here)  to live and work in the United States based on substantial trade between the United States and treaty counties.  Our immigration lawyer can discuss you with you what constitutes substantial trade during your consultation.

See List of Treaty Countries here.

E2 Visa - Foreign Investor

The E2 Treaty Investor visa is available to persons who are nationals of certain Treaty countries. (See List Here). If you have a passport from one of these countries, and you would like start a new business or invest in an existing troubled business, this is a great option. Although there is no minimum capital amount, you must invest "a substantial investment" into the business. Typically, the consulates want to see at least $100,000. It can be any type of business: coffee shop, restaurant, hair salon, construction, real estate development, clothing stores, furniture store, etc.  The E2 visa is issued for 2 years and allows for unlimited multiple re-entries.  While the E2 visa does not provide a direct path to a Green Card, there may be indirect ways to apply for permanent residence.  The spouse and children  of the E2 investor will also receive an E2 visa allowing them to work and go to school legally in the United States.  Furthermore, an E2 business may apply for specialty workers to also come to the United States in E2 status to perform specialized services.   Applicants for the E2 visa must be nationals of a treaty country.  Our immigration lawyer will explain to you the requirements and criteria to apply for and maintain the E2 visa. 

See  List of Treaty Countries here.

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